About us

UNECOOP (serbian Unekoop) is new name after compliance with new law about union of the new citizens was made.


We were formed in 2006, but it can freely be said that our roots come from 80-s, last century.

As one of rare circles from the periphery, we supported liberal youth initiations of that time. Back in 1989 in Paracin we organised marking June the fifth, copied first environmentally friendly poster, organised Antinuclear Caricature Competition, formed branch of local ecological project...

After a decade of calm, we continued within the ecological project "Hrast", and since 2006 we have been registered as independent nongovernmental nonprofitable organisation.

We worked under the name "Union of Ecologists" UNECO, regional center Paracin, from 2006 until the end of 2010.


UNECOOP is devoted to the promotion of sustainable development, considering regional and national level.


Society that will manage to understand sustainable development as a balance between wishes and needs, on the one hand, and capacity of the Earth, on the other hand.


Initial activities were primarily connected with problems of special waste management and now we are more and more striving to promote energetic efficiency and use of restorable energy sources and green building.

The most important donators are: SIDA, UNDP-GEF, USAID-ISC, EU IPA, Norwegian Kingdom, Fund for the Environmental Protection RS.


Being led by our vision to become organisation that sustainable development and environment supporters will consider as truly partner, we established numerous contacts and partnerships.

  • We are members of " NVONATURA2000" net, "SEKO" -domain of environment and energetics, "BEWMAN", "Center for reource O.K.O."
  • We are members of Council for Regional Development of Shumadia and Western Serbia, Lopcal Cooperation Council of "HOLCIM Serbia" company.
  • We are initiators of funding Biomas National Association SERBIO, Miscanthus Institute Belgrade.
  • We successfully cooperate with local self governments, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities source committees undertakings.
  • At the international level we signed protocol about strategic partnership with "Pomursk Ecological Center" from Murska Sobota (Slovenia).


Within the UNECOOP work four centers:

  • alternative energy and energetic efficiency center
  • green building center
  • rural development center
  • waste management center